Colóquio de Matemática, 01 de abril de 2022, 14:00h

29/03/2022 14:19

Próximo Colóquio

01 de Abril de 2022, 14:00h

William Hautekiet (Université Libre de Bruxelles) 

Partial modules and comodules over Hopf algebras

Abstract: It often happens that an object has disappointingly few global symmetries, while parts of it are highly symmetrical. For instance, a Tangram square has trivial automorphism group, while each of the pieces has a symmetrical shape. This square has a lot more partial symmetries which act only on part of Tangram square.

Given a Hopf algebra H, it is expected that the category of partial modules reveals more information about the algebra than the category of global modules. This category is isomorphic to the category of global modules over another algebra, the ‘partial Hopf algebra’.

In this talk, we will also consider the dual notion: partial comodules. Unlike partial modules, these are more difficult to interpret as objects we already know. In general the category of partial comodules over H is not equivalent to a category of comodules over a coalgebra.

As palestras regulares do Colóquio do Departamento de Matemática ocorrem nas 6as-Feiras das 14:00 no Auditório Airton Silva, situado no andar térreo do Departamento de Matemática da UFSC.