Seminário de Equações Diferenciais – 13/12/2016

09/12/2016 19:02

Seminário de Equações Diferenciais

Fast energy decay for wave equations with a localized damping in the n-dimensional half space

Prof. Ryo Ikehata
Universidade de Hiroshima, Japão

We consider a mixed problem for wave equations with a localized damping near spatial infinity in the n-dimensional half space. By constructing a new type of Hardy inequality in the whole space via the Fourier transform, we will derive a fast decay rate of the energy to the odd extension of the corresponding solution. In this case we employ a special type of multiplier method combined with the Hardy type inequality.


Dia – Hora: 13/12/2016 – 15h:30m

Local: Sala MTM007 do Depto. de Matemática


E. Krukoski
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