Colóquio do Departamento de Matemática – 18/09/2020 às 14h:20m

17/09/2020 13:38

Colóquio do Departamento de Matemática

Título: Topological derivative based methods for inverse multiple scattering problems

Palestrante: Prof. Maria-Luisa Rapun

Abstract: Solving inverse scattering problems related with the recovery of the location, size and shape of defects embedded in a medium has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. The problem is of paramount interest in a variety of fields, including medical imaging non-destructive testing of materials, geophysical exploration, radar imaging and antenna design.
In this talk we present numerical methods based on topological derivative computations for the detection and characterization of multiple scatterers
both in acoustic and in electromagnetic problems. The idea behind the method is to generate an indicator function able to classify each point of the region of interest as either belonging to the background medium or to an object, without any a priori assumption about the number, size, shape or location of the objects. Numerical tests illustrating the viability of the techniques in different situations including the simultaneous reconstruction of objects of different sizes, and fairly demanding measurement configurations with a very reduced number of receivers and incidence directions will be shown.

Maria-Luisa é professora do Departamento de Matemática aplicada à engenharia aeroespacial. Suas áreas de especialidade são matemática aplicada, teoria de espalhamento, espalhamento inverso, derivadas topológicas:

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