Colóquio de Matemática – 08/03/2018 14h:00m

07/03/2018 14:03

Colóquio de Matemática

Distance Geometry and Applications

Palestrante: Antonio Mucherino (Université de Rennes 1)

Resumo: The Distance Geometry Problem (DGP) asks whether a realization exists for a simple weighted undirected graph G such that distances between realized vertices u and v are the same as the weights d(u,v) in G. This problem is NP-hard, and it has been receiving in recent years a growing interest from the scientific community. Many applications can be formulated as a DGP, or as problems that are closely related to the DGP. Classical examples are the NMR protein structure determination problem, sensor network localization, and clock synchronization. Close problems arise in Dimensionality Reduction and Motion Adaptation (where the dynamics of the problem plays an important role). In this talk, I will review some methods for the DGP, with some particular attention to the various applications.

Dia/Hora: Quinta-feira, 08-03-2018 às 14h:00m.
Local: Auditório da Matemática, sala MTM007 do Departamento de Matemática.

P. Carvalho