Seminario de Matematica Aplicada – 07/07/2016

05/07/2016 12:56

Seminario de Matematica Aplicada

On a family of gradient type projection methods for nonlinear ill-posed problems

Prof. Dr. Antonio C. G. Leitão – MTM/UFSC


Resumo: We propose and analyze a family of successive projection methods whose step direction is the same as Landweber method for solving nonlinear ill-posed problems that satisfy the Tangential Cone Condition (TCC). This family encompasses Landweber method, the minimal error method, and the steepest descent method; thus providing an unified framework for the analysis of these methods. Moreover, we define in this family new methods which are convergent for the constant of the TCC in a range twice as large as the one required for the Landweber and other gradient type methods.

Dia – Hora: 07/07/2016 – 15:00 h
Local: Auditório Departamento de Matemática, MTM 007, CFM/UFSC



E. Krukoski
Tags: ill-posed problemsMatematica AplicadanonlinearSeminario